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Incense sticks for mourning
When you receive the mourning postcard, why don't you give an incense stick to the gift of mourning sympathy as an offering when you hear the obituary?

"I want to convey my feelings of regret, but I hesitate to send the incense now."
"It's a pity that the relationship will disappear as it is, but what should I do?"
In such a case, why don't you give an incense stick to the scent as a "mourning visit"?

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<Q & A for mourning visits>
Q I received a postcard during mourning, what should I do?
I'd like to give you some words of encouragement ...

A It is recommended to give a mourning sympathy

Q What is a mourning visit?

A Sending letters and goods to convey condolences to the other party during the mourning period.

Q When and what should I give?

A If you receive a postcard during mourning, send it as soon as possible to convey your feelings.
However, it is not necessarily within the year, and it is not rude to send it as a sympathy during the cold after the new year has settled down. There are no rules about what to give, but there are many incense sticks and flowers.

Q What if the other religion is another religion such as Shinto or Christianity?

A Depending on your religion, incense sticks may not be used. At that time, why not choose something that does not affect your religion, such as flowers and sweets.

Q I received an incense stick for my mourning, what should I do in return?

A Generally, it is not necessary to give back incense sticks or flowers when you receive them during mourning.
We encourage you to say thank you by phone or letter.
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