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<Concept of Aroma Kobo Fire Shop>

" Mind and body with scent   Making the area a fragrance "



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<Kanazawa city center, Seseragi-dori>

​<Greetings from the representative>

アロマ香房焚屋 焚屋
It is an aroma incense shop near the ruins of a samurai residence, a tourist attraction in Nagamachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
As a select shop for fragrances, we propose incense and aromas that match your environment. We would like to propose a delicate tune called "fragrance" that cannot be expressed digitally.
At the shop, there is a fire shop of "Koji" who spins the original scent, and we produce only one scent in the customer's world. We have been delivering various scents and products unique to Kanazawa and Ishikawa to customers far away through our online shop for more than 10 years, so we hope you will take advantage of them.
Also, when you come to Kanazawa, please drop in and talk to us.
焚屋 調香



Representative Koji Burning Shop
アロマ香房焚屋 ロゴ
アロマ香房焚屋 店長 SUMI


Season and scent
This season
Rain water

It means that the snow changes from snow to rain, and the accumulated snow begins to melt. Actually, there are still many places where the snow is deep, and there are areas where it will begin to snow, but you can feel the footsteps of spring in the melting snow that flows out.

 新緑の金沢   撮影者:焚屋 

<Recommended scent information for this season>
↓ Please see the video ↓
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  • チクタク






 秋の金沢 兼六園・夜間ライトアップ  撮影者:焚屋 

<The sound of murmuring makes it ideal for exploring Kanazawa>

Introducing the scents handled by the fire shop by category

伝統工芸品 加賀水引

Traditional craft, fire shop original


Fragrance (Kara, Agarwood, Sandalwood)


By incense / scent type


Handmade kits and raw materials

アロマオイル 焚屋香油

Aroma essential oils and miscellaneous goods


Japanese candle

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