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​Gifts, souvenirs, scented items for return

​Deliver a scent to small gifts and souvenirs.

"Pochika" is an original product of the Burning Shop and is an excellent product of the Ishikawa brand and Kanazawa brand.

A thin scent bag. "Pochika" has a nice scent that comes out of nowhere, mainly when you put it in your wallet, business card holder, accessory case, or bag.

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Mainly from bags, bags, accessory cases, wallets (especially recommended), business card holders, etc., there is a faint scent.


● Product concept
A thin scent bag with a Yuzen pattern.
With the theme of a cute scent bag that you can take with you at any time, we have created a motto that is not bulky, easy to distribute, and easy to buy, which is ideal as a souvenir for sightseeing.

● Product naming concept
Everyone can have a scent that suits them with the concept of the main character, or they can convey the image with a gift, and the naming has been abstracted. The concept is that everyone who has a scent is the main character.

● Product functionality
The concept of scent is to use the effect that is closely related to memory to remember the person who gave it each time they smelled the scent.

● How to use the product
It gracefully scents small spaces such as wallets, business cards, accessory cases, and letters. The scent emphasizes sustainability and is scented for about 3 months (the sense of smell varies from person to person).

Kanazawa-like scent

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In return for Buddhist affairs


For private celebrations and in return

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