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How to use the scent

​Here, we will introduce how to use the scent and its effects.

Classification of scents

Incense for changing mood
● When you feel depressed or anxious, incense refreshes and heals your mood.

How to burn incense when changing your depressed mood
● If you take a deep breath quietly surrounded by the wonderful scent of flowers, the elegant scent of fragrant wood, and the fragrant scent, your depressed feelings will relax and become positive naturally.

How to burn incense to purify the air
● Burn the scent that purifies the damp air in the room during the rainy season, which tends to sink, and on rainy days.

How to burn incense while traveling
● I feel uncomfortable when traveling or in a strange city. In your hotel room, you can refresh your unfamiliar scents and uplifting feelings with the incense you use all the time.

How to burn incense with an emphasis on relaxing action
● Try burning a different quality incense as your own reward. Many Japanese scents (agarwood, sandalwood, and kara) are recommended as they are relaxing.



​Good feeling from the front door

● We will welcome you by starting to burn about 30 minutes before the scheduled visitor
The entrance, a place where you can feel the hospitality when welcoming customers. It is also an important place to determine the first impression of the house, and each house has its own scent. If you are welcoming you by using incense with a spirit of elegance and hospitality, you will start burning elegant incense trees such as sandalwood about 30 minutes before your visit, and you will be greeted with a slight residual incense. I think the hospitality in how to use it is wonderful.

● For measures against pet odor
If you have a pet, even if the owner is accustomed to it, other people will find it surprising. I think it would be nice to use incense well. When using incense at the entrance, it is important to take care to create it casually.
□ Pet scent

● Purifying power ・ Incense and salt

The entrance is the most important place in Feng Shui, so use the power of incense and the power of spiritual salt to boost your luck. First of all, please clean and cleanse by burning salt and incense to cleanse the place. Burn incense and exert tremendous purification power By extinguishing smoke, it will erase bad energy and exert the effect of cutting. From ancient times, it is said that Indians often use cigarette smoke and smoke from burning white sage in rituals to purify the flow of bad qi.

<Recommended products>
□ Kutani ware stand-alone scent box that does not use fire G-CUBE

□ Western-style outlet type aroma diffuser

□ Ideal for visitors and rooms Millefiori room spray made in Italy

□ Japanese-style representative Horikawa The most famous sandalwood-based Japanese-style incense in Japan

□ Japanese-style room ・ Popular Japanese-style hospitality scent Raku Bamboo Ayaka Diffuser

□ White sage to purify Qi


​For cleaning toilets and washrooms

● Purifying power of sandalwood
Sandalwood is a fragrant tree that has been used to create spiritual spaces since ancient times.
Sandalwood is characterized by its high purification power that gently calms negative energy.
An incense that is also used when opening chakras and in yoga, and has a high spirituality.

It is also famous that it was burned in large quantities when the Buddha was destroyed, and the Buddha instructed his disciples to burn good incense (sandalwood).
Please note that the sedative effect is quite high, so if you are depressed, you will be more sedated.

□ Click here for the recommended incense of sandalwood

□ Representative of purification Minorien sandalwood (using natural sandalwood)

● How to burn incense in the bathroom / toilet
There are many evils in the toilet, and if you burn incense from Feng Shui or sandalwood, it will be "cleansed".
We recommend the cone type (△ type), which gives off a strong scent in a short period of time, and the scent drifts at once with almost no ash scattering.

Cleaning the toilet is the basis of improving your fortune.
It is said that if you burn incense in an unlucky house, the fire will go out (the humidity will be stagnant and the incense will go out). Turn it on and keep doing it until it burns out.
The smoke of incense absorbs moisture, and if you keep doing it every day, it will be purified little by little, and one will burn without disappearing.

□ An outlet type diffuser made in Italy that does not use fire
Plug-in diffuser, Millefiori, Millefiori, ARIA-outlet

□ Kutani ware stand-alone scent box that does not use fire G-CUBE

□ Oka Riraku Bamboo Ayaka Diffuser


Image by Dimitar Donovski

A scent that enhances concentration

● The scent directly stimulates your instinct
It is recommended to burn incense when studying, working, or at meetings.
Since the scent of incense directly stimulates the instinct, the scent can be expected to awaken the inspiration of the sixth sense.
Introducing incense that is required to be effective with its scent.

● Sandalwood to improve concentration
It is an incense that a certain artist burned in composition and concert to improve his concentration.

□ Japanese style representative Kayuragi series sandalwood

● Aroma incense that enhances concentration
To increase concentration with the power of aroma, we recommend incense blended with peppermint, rosemary and lemon.
When used at meetings, it is effective in preventing drowsiness and improving concentration.

□ Incense-Naturence Insense Nippon Kodo

● Let's make the room crisp with the power of incense
Even when the air in the room is muffled and you don't feel like it, and you tend to feel muffled, use the power of incense to make it crisp.
The rooms are often filled with negative energy, and you may unknowingly carry them with you when you go out and have contact with them in various relationships.
People who are particularly sympathetic or sensitive have a direct impact. If you bring the effect into your room and the air stagnates, it will affect your luck.
The room is a place to work and relax, so when you clean it, I definitely want you to burn incense and create a calm environment.

Considering that good odor = positive energy and bad odor is negative energy, I think there is no loss in keeping a good scent.
Incense fire also has a purifying effect of burning out bad things, eliminating negative energy.


​Insect repellent with a faint scent

● Japanese scent
As a way to use the incense in the closet or Japanese dance, it is a good idea to keep the scent of the sachet hidden.
The faint Japanese scent when opened is wonderful.

□ Insect repellent incense Elegant Shoyeido

● Natural material insect repellent incense stick
Kikuhana incense stick that does not contain pesticides and coloring agents used in general mosquito coils. Instead of killing insects
It has the effect of evacuating insects by hitting the smoke that the insects dislike.

□ Aroma Natural chrysanthemum incense stick

● Aroma for chests of drawers, tansu incense
Very refreshing and refreshing Japanese scent.
The soothing scent of the high-class fragrance "Ryuno", which is also used as a fragrance for charcoal and inkstone and was loved by Yang Guifei, is emphasized.
It has a very elegant scent and goes well with kimono and Japanese clothes.

□ Chest of drawers

● Smell bag for closets and doorknobs
Make it scent over places such as closets and doorknobs.
It is also recommended for cars.

□ Who puts on the sleeves



​Casually in a business card holder

● A faint scent | For wallets and business cards
Put the scent bag in your wallet, business card, accessory case, etc., and take a rest with the remaining scent that has a faint scent transferred to the inside.
If you keep your favorite scent in the business card holder, your scent will reach the other party when you exchange business cards.

A thin scent bag with a Yuzen pattern. With the theme of a cute scent bag that you can take with you at any time, we have created a motto that is not bulky, easy to distribute, and easy to buy, which is ideal as a souvenir for sightseeing.

<How to use>
It gracefully scents small spaces such as wallets, business cards, accessory cases, and letters. The scent emphasizes sustainability and is scented for about 3 months (the sense of smell varies from person to person).

Recently, it has been increasingly used as a scented novelty with a corporate logo and as a gift for transfer.

□ Pochika
* "Pochika" is a registered trademark of Aroma Kobo Burning Shop.
2012 Kanazawa Brand Excellent New Product 2012 Ishikawa Prefecture Excellent Tourism Souvenir 2012 Ishikawa Brand Certification


For purification of qi


For pets

● Aroma oil for skinship
Aroma oil for skinship with your dog after your answering machine or before going to bed.

□ Aroma One! Aroma for dogs

● "Pochika" ★ Kanazawa Koneko-chan ★ and "Pochika" ★ Kanazawa Doggy ★
The scent is inspired by Koneko-chan and Doggy-chan.
□ Pet scent

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