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​"Scented" traditional crafts | Mizuhiki diffuser

We talked to the person who made it.
製作者 かねこ

Interview with the creator

Mizuhiki writer Kaneko

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Comfortable "home time"

Kaneko Delivery Store | Kayo Kaneko / Masayo
The scent of aroma oil is effective as a fashionable and practical interior, while the interest in aroma is increasing for a change of mood and relaxation due to the increase in "house time" due to the corona sickness. It is a "diffuser" that diffuses the oil. In recent years, various types have appeared, but the one that I would like to pay attention to is the "Mizuhiki Aroma Diffuser".
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Delicate handicrafts of craftsmen

Mizuhiki, which is used as an indispensable gift decoration for gifts and celebrations, has been increasing in number in recent years, especially women, and many Mizuhiki videos have been posted on video distribution sites. ..
In Kanazawa, where Mizuhiki has been popular for a long time, the traditional flat design of Mizuhiki has been three-dimensionally finished and evolved into a gorgeous work of art as "Kaga Mizuhiki".
Our shop, "Kaneko Yuiten" was founded before the war as an artificial flower shop, and has been involved in mizuhiki for more than 50 years. We send out usable Mizuhiki accessories.
With such efforts, we decided to produce a Mizuhiki aroma diffuser this time.
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Matches both Japanese and Western spaces

This Mizuhiki diffuser is a Mizuhiki that is carefully tied one by one by craftsmen with flowers and leaves as motifs.
If you add a few drops of aroma oil to the flower part like watering it, the scent will spread in a personal range.
There are two colors, gold and silver, and black and silver.
I think the feature is that the "Awaji knot", which is the basis of Mizuhiki, has been devised in color and form so that it blends into modern life, and it fits into any lifestyle space, Western or Japanese.
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Bringing handicrafts of traditional crafts closer to you

You can enjoy both "fragrance" and "interior" by decorating your living room, bedroom, entrance, toilet, etc. It is safe and hygienic because it does not use fire, electricity, or water. In addition, we have applied delicate craftsmanship to the invisible parts so that we can become independent, so you can feel the handicrafts of traditional crafts.

At our shop, we will continue to carefully inherit the traditional techniques of Mizuhiki and continue to send out Mizuhiki that can be used in everyday situations such as accessories and diffusers.

Mizuhiki, which expresses the feeling of giving by putting meaning into the way of tying and the color, is said to connect people and take care of evil, making it an ideal gift for loved ones. The gold-colored diffuser will be appreciated as an item to improve your fortune.
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Kaneko delivery shop
□ Creation: 1939 (83 years since establishment)
□ Table: Sotaro Kaneko □ Residence: 2-13-5 Honmachi, Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Interview with the creator

Aroma Kobo Burning Shop Representative Burning Shop

製作者 焚屋
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The scent makes your mind, body, and region "scent" fortune

Aroma Kobo Burning Shop | Representative Takuya Miyake (Fire Shop)
"The scent makes the mind, body, and region" incense "fortune."
That is the concept of "Aroma Kobo Burning Shop". Incorporating the scents of incense and aroma into our daily lives has long been practiced throughout the world for the health of our minds and bodies. On the other hand, the sense of smell is closely linked to memory. When you smell a certain scent, the memory is revived, which is called the "Proust effect". In the masterpiece "The Guermantes Way" by writer Marcel Proust, the scent of the hero soaking Madeleine in black tea is derived from the depiction that reminds us of his childhood memories.

Work on collaboration between fragrance and local resources

Since "Aroma Kobo Fire Shop" was founded in 2008, it moved to the Seseragi-dori shopping street in Nagamachi, Kanazawa, which is visited by many tourists in 2010. I remembered Kanazawa and have been working on the development of original products that will be revisited.
The "Kaga Yuzen", which was released in the year of the move, is a talisman-shaped scent bag made from Kaga Yuzen's small pattern fabric, which is a traditional craft of Ishikawa Prefecture. Received the "Kanazawa Brand Excellent New Product" certified by Kanazawa City. As a variation, original products sold as amulets such as Oyama Shrine and Sojiji Soin have also been born.
In addition, the Yuzen Japanese paper thin scent bag "Seseragi Kaori" that can be put in a business card holder or wallet, and the "Kanazawa Mizuhiki Strap" (Kanazawa brand excellent new product, Ishikawa brand excellent new product) that adds fragrance to the strap of Mizuhiki work, which is a traditional craft of Kanazawa. We have been working on collaboration between fragrance and local resources such as (award).
This spring, a new product "Mizuhiki Diffuser" will be released, which uses Mizuhiki work as a diffuser and has excellent design and functionality. Mizuhiki, a traditional craft that has made gifts gorgeous, is a highly novel product designed to suit modern life.
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With a Kanazawa-like scent, it has a "scent" value

The scents of the original products are all prepared with the image of "Kanazawa" by Takuya Miyake, the representative of "Aroma Kobo Burning Shop" who has the qualification of a specialist who mixes incense called "Koji".
Each of the Mizuhiki straps and diffusers this time is handmade by a Mizuhiki craftsman, and is a product that has the "incense" value of Kanazawa's unique scent.
In addition, the store makes use of the specialized knowledge of "Koji" to advise on incense and aroma according to the customer's taste, usage scene, mood and lifestyle.
At the beginning of the opening, the tourist base was overwhelming, but the number of local customers has increased because of "I want to heal the tiredness and stress of work" and "I want to enjoy the scent in my life".
At "Aroma Kobo Burning Shop", we would like to continue to convey the traditions and culture of Kanazawa and Ishikawa Prefecture through the scent.
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"Mizuhiki balm" born this time
The concept of fragrance expresses "Mizuhiki / Kanazawa-ness of traditional crafts" and is blended. It expresses the history and modernity of Kanazawa at the same time.

Development story

How do you incorporate the scent into your life naturally and comfortably? Wouldn't the scent make the area healthy? Mizuhiki Aroma Diffuser was born from such a thought. While pursuing the concept of the fire shop, "The scent makes the mind, body, and area fragrant," we received a voice from the Kaneko Yui Delivery Store. Why don't you combine the function as a decoration of Mizuhiki's traditional crafts with the effect as a scent? I created it with the thought.

It is healed by the appearance as a decoration, and when it smells there, the function of the scent and the effect linked to the memory leave the impression of Mizuhiki in the memory, and it has become a product that can provide a happy healing mood.

Mizuhiki has a function to connect people with a lucky charm and is embedded in the Mizuhiki aroma diffuser. ..


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